Career Guidance Support

Just like each snowflake crystal has a unique path, so too do our young people

One-to-One Career Guidance Appointments

Overview: Our one-to-one Career Guidance appointments are currently taking place over Zoom. We support students with a variety of vocational and educational decisions.

Some of the supports may be around career planning, applications to UCAS, Europe and subject choice for the Leaving Certificate.

Please see a full list of the services we provide below.

Prior to our Career Guidance Counselling Appointment

We will speak with the guardian/parent to get an overview of the needs of the student. We will then email the student a short questionnaire. This will allow the Guidance Counsellor to get a profile of the student in advance of the session.

The questionnaire will also give the student an opportunity to establish goals for the session and to control the outcomes of the session.

The student's goals for the session may change during our appointment. We are flexible and can adapt the course of the appointment to suit the student's needs.

During the Guidance Counselling Appointment

The student is unique in their life experiences - their personality, education, learning style, drivers and strengths are all distinctive. Interests, participation in sporting, musical, social and vocational aspects of the student's life make up the person that they are.

During a one-to-one session, we reflect on these experiences with the student and together we will piece together a linking theme. This theme will help us to discover where the student's strengths and interests lie. Together we can come up with a list of options that will be suitable for the student to consider for the next stage of their learning journey. The application process for each option will be explored in full.

Post Guidance Counselling Appointment

We want the student to leave the session happy that their goals have been addressed.

We want to close the session by ensuring that the student is confident about their future options.

We want to ensure that the student understands how to approach the next step.

We will always follow up our one-to-one session with a phone call to guardians/parents.

One-to-one Appointments

During a one-to-one appointment we aim to:

  • Develop a trusting rapport with the student so they can share their goals and aspirations with us

  • Actively listen to the student, explain their life experiences and how they have shaped their way of being

  • Support the student as they navigate options for after the Leaving Certificate

During a one-to-one appointment, we can support the student to:

  • Reflect upon subjects and grades and how they relate to the future

  • Determine strengths and how to play to unique talents

  • Determine what course/career areas match qualities, skills, learning style, values, achievements and experience

  • Understand how to compare courses and colleges to get the right fit

  • Assess a variety of different pathways through an exploration of course/career sectors (from Level 5-Level 9)

  • Determine what general and specific entry requirements are necessary for course choices

  • Make an application to the CAO and explain the offer and acceptance process

  • Make an initial application to the DARE & HEAR scheme

  • Make a scholarship application

  • Get a better understanding of the SUSI grant

  • Write a personal statement/letter of motivation for UCAS and European Colleges

  • Make an application for a Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) College

  • Understand what curricular and co-curricular opportunities (Erasmus, Study Abroad, Ambassador, Clubs & Socs) are on offer

  • Make the right subject choice for the Leaving Certificate

  • Make the correct subject choice when entering secondary school

  • Increase their motivation to study, improve their study skills, develop effective study notes and study plans

To be able to walk the walk with students and support them with educational and vocational decisions is a true gift