Skills Development

Students need certain skills to support them in developing an effective career plan early in secondary school

Our Career Guidance Camps will help students to develop these skills

Research Skills

On our Career Guidance Guidance Camps, participants become familiar with college and course terminology, an essential skill when comparing course offerings. We teach participants how to do a detailed course comparison. We share stories with participants about how they can enhance their experience of college (and their CV!) by seeking out internships and study abroad opportunities, through participation in clubs and societies, mentoring programmes and by taking on extra positions of responsibility.

During our STEM Career Guidance Camp, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the different courses in the area of STEM at all levels of the NFQ. We show participants how to use their research skills effectively so they can get a better understanding of course offerings. We discuss advancements in the area of STEM which will allow participants to analyse the vast array of opportunities that are within their reach. We invite an expert in the area of STEM to share their educational journey and sector insights with our participants.

Confidence Skills

On our Career Guidance Camps, we illustrate how participants can progress from a Level 5 to a Level 10 with their education using The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). Participants are guided through the PLC application process, the CAO application process, offers and acceptances. We discuss apprenticeships and the application process. We flag important deadlines with our participants. Going through the process now gives participants an edge when making their application for further study.

If you choose our STEM Career Guidance Camp, we will demonstrate how you can progress specifically from one area of STEM to another, using the NFQ.

*Participants have the option to learn and experience the UK and European application process; the importance of personal statements, letters of motivation and predicted grades.

Communication Skills

On our Career Guidance Camps, we give participants worksheets and interactive pieces to engage with. Participants will be encouraged to engage with their worksheets and to take notes. Participants will listen carefully and engage with the Guidance Counsellors and will be given the space to ask questions.

On our STEM Career Guidance Camp, we encourage participants to get involved in the Q&A session with an industry expert in the field of STEM.

Digital Skills

On our Career Guidance Camps, we give participants practical web-based tools to allow them to conduct career planning research independently. We use specific resources with participants, which will allow them to practice their ICT & research skills.

Tools such as Careers Portal, Qualifax, CAO, SUSI, UCAS, Eunicas, College Websites & Hubs, when used effectively, can prove beneficial in supporting participants during the research stage.

Reflection Skills

On our Career Guidance Camps, we give participants space to engage in a reflective piece each day. This allows participants to check that they are familiar with the topics under discussion and if there are any gaps in their understanding, the Guidance Counsellors can offer support.

The sessions will also allow participants to reflect upon their own attributes, skills and values and how they might relate to their choices.

Participants will reflect on their learning through the use of ICT tools; Mentimeter, Padlet and Kahoot quizzes.

As Guidance Counsellors, we understand the importance of providing participants with a teaching environment that is supportive and comfortable

Going through the process now gives participants an edge for when they do make their college application

Our Camps are unique, energetic and informative

Our Career Guidance Camps offer students the opportunity to achieve, to develop a new skill set and to improve on existing skills