Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Career Guidance Camp

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Education is a broad area of study

These subjects will allow students to become experts in their field and to develop the skills to address important social, political, cultural, environmental and economic issues that impact modern-day society

Yes, modern businesses, especially tech companies may require employees with a technical understanding. However, they also need graduates with specialised knowledge and skill in communication, law, marketing, policymaking, corporate social responsibility, language, human resources and business (and more!) to function successfully

Camp Details 2021

Participants: 4th, 5th & 6th Year Students

When: 27th & 28th of Nov 2021

What: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Where: Zoom

Cost: €130

Time: 10am to 3pm

Max. Participants: 20

*Book before Oct 5th for an early bird offer of €110

Camp Overview

Arts & Humanities programmes allow students to become experts in their subject areas such as history, philosophy, religion, geography, modern & ancient languages, literature, fine and performing arts, media, cultural studies, to name but a few. Students develop critical skills to prepare them for a range of exciting careers, or for further study. Some industries that Arts & Humanities graduates find themselves working in are; communications, media, the arts, the public sector, law and the business community.

Social Sciences programmes explore how humans behave individually and how humans behave in groups with others. Students discover how government impacts the manner in which citizens are educated, the way in which they live, work and communicate. Some Social Science subjects include the study of economics, psychology, law, sociology, social policy, international relations, politics and human resources to name but a few. Research topics that students engage with are migration, sustainability, conflict, gender equality, poverty and more.

During the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Career Guidance Camp, we highlight that these broad subject areas teach research, critical thinking, creativity, communication, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are transferrable and very useful in all sectors of society.

We will show participants how to use their research skills effectively so they have the confidence to choose the correct combination of subjects in the colleges that are the best fit for them.


This interactive Career Guidance Camp presents a thematic focus on career opportunities in the area of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, as well as a broader focus on career planning after secondary school. It allows participants to explore courses, pathways and career possibilities. Participants will be better informed and will be able to critically examine the different subject combinations and to understand major and minor course offerings in these subject areas.

We break down college terminology and look at specific opportunities that can enhance an Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences course of study. We investigate the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) looking at how all learning achievements may be measured and related to each other. We make reference to the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE), the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) & scholarships, how they can help students, and how to apply. We delve into the CAO application process looking at requirements, points, offers, acceptances and deferrals. We encourage participants to engage and seek clarification.

*Participants have the option to learn about the UCAS and European application process, should they be interested in travelling outside of Ireland to engage with a course of study. These sessions are optional and there is no extra cost.


A variety of teaching methodologies are used to maintain student engagement and participation during each session.

Each lesson contains a structured PowerPoint with learning intentions, specific content and embedded assessment pieces. We share insightful case studies and stories with participants, by showing them the exciting range of careers that are available. We welcome a guest speaker to join participants who will their educational journey in the area of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.

Participants have the opportunity to engage with our guest speaker during a Q&A session.


A resource pack with worksheets is sent to each participant in advance, allowing participants to take notes and engage with exercises for reflection and self-assessment purposes.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of engaging assessment tasks. We use ICT assessment tools that are fun and interactive. These tools include Kahoot and Mentimeter.

Participants will have the opportunity to reflect upon the content and material. Participants will be better able to determine their interests and what direction they may like to further explore in the area of the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.

Whichever pathway you choose after secondary school, this Career Guidance Camp aims to inspire you to look closely at the subject combinations and opportunities on offer in each college & institution

Studying specific subjects will allow you to open the doors to a range of exciting careers in politics, media, education, research, the Not-for-Profit sector, public sector, business and finance. Many of the careers require the knowledge, hard and soft skills learned on an Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Degree

Arts & Humanities

Social Sciences

There are courses for every learner at all levels of the NFQ in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

These courses produce graduates that have a balance of soft and hard skills

The knowledge and skills that an Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences graduate attains, are very attractive to employers

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Sample Careers in the field of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Policy Maker

  • Government Researcher

  • Politician

  • Public Relations Officer

  • Public Affairs Correspondent

  • Journalist

  • Social Media Consultant

  • Social Science Researcher

  • Academia

  • Teacher

  • Environmental Policy Maker

  • Foreign Affairs Correspondent

  • Not-for-Profit Officer

  • Probation Officer

  • Social Worker & Social Carer

  • Diplomat

  • Market Researcher

  • Marketing & Advertising Officer

  • Human Resource Manager

  • Economist

  • Business Analyst

  • Human Rights Lawyer

  • Recruitment Consultant

  • Psychologist

  • Archaeologist

  • Data Analyst

  • Financial Consultant

  • Officer at the European Commission

  • Officer at a Lobby Group

  • Human Rights Activist

  • Translator

  • Publisher

  • Performing Artist

  • Archaeologist

  • Museum Curator

  • Arts, Tourism & Culture

  • Editor, Scriptwriter & Producer

  • Community Development Officer

  • Youth Worker

  • Irish Language Translator EU... and many more....

Upon completion of this Career Guidance Camp, participants will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to plan for the next stage of their education in Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences